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SFF Rugged Mobile Server

The OPTIA COTS-Rugged Mobile Server (RMS) is a Small Form Factor (SFF) device that is a perfect compute/storage platform for tactical missions, remote or edge computing and/or storage, and fly-away kits. Configure as a single unit or cluster for data storage, as well as, provide software services in a traditional server, virtualized or hyper-converged environment. Provides fully-configurable storage array capabilities. Configure and manage via a dedicated 1GbE port and built-in iKVM.

Both the RMS and rGMS can be hand-carried and transported in transit cases, racks and rucksacks. No rack platform required, thereby reducing integration efforts and improving SWaP.


  • Features / Benefits
  • Minimize server SWaP and remove rack requirement for tactical-edge processing and storage; Light-weight, convenient carry handle and interlocking/stackable features
  • Fully-configurable array for RAID configuration versatility for 8x SSDs (up to 10x SSDs for GPU Server); Single PCIe NVMe SSD for OS and applications
  • Intel Scalable CPU and optional Nvidia Data-Center GPU for high-end processing and demanding graphics processing
  • Use as single individual server, daisy-chain multiple units, or add to existing infrastructure; Supports traditional server, virtualized server and hyperconverged architectures
  • Convenient to manage with a dedicated 1GbE port with built-in iKVM
  • Mix and match servers to provide the proper amount of CPU, GPU, AI and ML computing power with storage array flexibility and scalability.
  • Multiple I/O ports for keyboard, mouse and display for platform versatility, as well as, LAN ports for connectivity to user/client platforms, existing infrastructure, and/or daisy-chaining.